How to Submit a Sample


PLEASE READ: You MUST generate a sample ID number for EACH piece of furniture or product for which you you want to submit a sample. If you are submitting samples for 3 different products (for example, for a sofa, pillow, and infant mattress), complete the form on the next page three (3) times, making 3 unique Sample IDs.

If you are sending in more than one piece of foam from the same product (e.g., 2 samples from different parts of a child car seat, but NOT from two different items such as a sofa and pillow, even if the pillow is from the sofa set), please use one sample ID for that product, add "A" and "B" to the sample ID, and place them in separate bags.

Step 1: Fill Out Submission Form

Complete the sample submission form to generate your Sample ID Number. The link to this form can be found at the bottom of this page. The Sample ID Number links the information for each of your samples with the physical foam sample that is mailed to Duke. Without this Sample ID Number, we cannot guarantee that we can communicate the results to you. Your Sample ID Number will be emailed to you in a confirmation email, after your request is submitted.

Step 2: Prepare Foam Sample

For each piece of furniture, please

  • Cut a piece of foam, 1 cubic centimeter in size (a little bigger than the size of a marble),
  • Wrap the foam completely in aluminum foil,
  • Place each wrapped foam sample in its own clean and re-sealable sandwich bag along with:
    • a printed-out copy of the submission info (automatically emailed to you). Be sure to completely seal the sandwich bag
  • Write the Sample ID Number on the re-sealable sandwich bag with a permanent marker.

Step 3: Mail Foam Sample & Copy of Confirmation Email

Enclose each of the prepared foam samples in an box or envelope and mail to the address below.

IMPORTANT: ONLY send your package via US MailDO NOT send your package via non-postal carriers (e.g., FedEx, UPS). 

You must address your package to "Duke Superfund Foam Project," otherwise your package may be lost.

Duke Superfund Foam Project
Box 90328 - LSRC
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708


Submit a Sample