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This service is being offered to help provide information to the general public on the presence or absence of specific chemical flame retardants that may be applied to furniture in their homes. This allows individuals to make more informed decisions on the types of products they want to have in their homes. Scientists or government agencies may also use information collected through this program to increase our understanding of chemical use and exposure within the United States. We have a capacity to analyze 50 samples per month and will close submissions when the quota is reached.

Key Information

To participate in this service, you are being asked to do the following:

  • Complete the form below with your contact information and information about the product to be tested
  • Follow the instructions to cut out a piece of the sample and wrap it in aluminum foil.
  • Place the sample in a plastic sandwich size bag and mail it to our laboratory for testing. Results will be returned in ~6-8 weeks.
  • Grant us permission to keep this data in our database and use it for future research. Your contact information will never be shared or used for any research purposes. We will only use information on the product and the type of chemicals identified (if any).

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Sample Details:

Examples of helpful descriptions of the product include: memory foam, organic, outdoor/indoor furniture, for a child's crib, etc.

Year of Purchase: *

If you are not sure, please select "Estimated date range" and enter a range of dates.

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We only accept samples purchased within the United States.

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TB 117

TB 117-2013 ONLY, no X for Added Flame Retardant Chemicals

TB 117-2013 WITH X for Added Flame Retardant Chemicals

CFR 1632

Statement of Consent

The purpose of this service and study, procedures to be used, risks, and benefits have been explained to me. I have been given the contact information for the person whom I should contact if I have questions or concerns or wish to withdraw from the study. I understand that I can withdraw from the study at any time. I have read this consent form and agree to participate in the study described.

Consent to Legal Terms: *
I understand that the results provided to me through this service are not guaranteed in any way by Duke University, and I will not use these results as part of any consumer litigation. I understand that the results provided to me are for informational purposes only. I understand that Duke University is not responsible for any damage to my furniture from my attempts to collect a foam sample for testing.